MADRAS-- a port, a town, a Presidency

Section 13, top margin E, left margin c; *a city map from 1726*
Madras Presidency became the administrative headquarters for British rule over the whole of the South
From the first, "Fort St. George" had established itself as a major, and very multicultural, trading center
By the later 1600's, Madras minted its own coins; one early Governor, Elihu Yale (1687-92), later used part of his own profits to endow *a small college*
A few early drawings
Sir John Dalling, Governor of Madras 1784-86, had elegant artistic tastes; like most of his successors, he was a career military officer
Early plans of Madras and Fort St. George, from the 1700's and beyond: *the best city overview*
Madras acquired its share of Victorian public architecture
The harbor works at Madras were carefully kept up to date
A look at the Supreme Court, c.1860
Famine relief efforts, 1877

Other glimpses of Madras life
The Municipal Corporation building (city hall) of modern Chennai (the contemporary name for Madras)
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