From "Calecut Nuova Tavola" by Girolamo Ruscelli, Venice, 1574

A map by Petrus Bertius, Amsterdam, 1606

From the 1628 Hondius and Jansson edition of the Mercator atlas

*From Nicholaes Visscher II, 'Indiae Orientalis, nec non Insurarum Adiacentium Nova Descriptio', Amsterdam, ca. 1680, from his 'Atlas Minor'*

*From a map by Cluver, c.1690*; *the whole map*; *the cartouche*

*From a map by Hadrian Reland van Keulen, Amsterdam, 1704*; *the whole map*; *Ceylon*; *the title*

From a map by Samuel Thornton, c.1705; *the whole map*; *the cartouche*

*From a map by Chatelain, from his 'Atlas Historique, c.1720*

*From a map of the Deccan and the South by Pieter van der AA, Leiden, 1706*

Francois Valentijn, "Nieuwe kaart van Choromandel ende Malabar", from 'Oud en Nieuw Oost Indien', Amsterdam, 1726

From Pieter Vander Aa's 'Nouvel Atlas', Amsterdam, 1730; *the whole map*

From a map by Guillaume de l'Isle, Amsterdam, 1733

From a map by Hermann Moll, from "Modern History: or, the Present State of all Nations", by Thomas Salmon; London, Bettesworth & Hitch, 1739

*From a very detailed map by J. Covens and C. Mortier: 'Carte D'Une Partie Des Indes Orientales, Etats Du Mogol Les Côtes De Malabar Et De Coromandel &c. : dressée sur les Relations les plus nouvelles', Amsterdam: c.1740*

*From a map by Isaac Tirion from  "Nieuwe en Beknopte Hand-Atlas," Amsterdam, 1744*

From a map by Emanuel Bowen, 1744

*From a map by Robert de Vaugondy, from 'Atlas Portratif Universel et Militaire avec privilege du Roi', Paris, 1749*

*From a map by John Cowley, London, 1753*

From a map by Kitchin, 1761, from 'A New General and Universal Atlas' by Andrew Dury (Laurie & Whittle and Bowles & Carver, London)

*From L'Abbe Clouet, 'Géographie moderne / avec une Introduction', 1767 (Mondhare and Jean, Paris, 1785 edition)*

*From a map by G. Rollos, from 'Mortimer's Atlas of Trade and Commerce', 1767*; *the whole map*

From a Dutch version of Isaak Tirion's 'Hand Atlas', Amsterdam, 1769 (with modern hand coloring)

*From Bonne's 'Atlas Portatif' (Paris, 1780-81)*; *a more compressed Bonne map, from 1774*

*A map by Kitchin and Blair, from the Rev. John Blair's 'The Chronology and History of The World From Creation to the Year of Christ, 1779,' London, 1779*

*From a map by Robert de Vaugondy (1688-1766), published in 1783*

From a map by Robert Wilkinson, London, 1794

From a map by John Russell, published by Ogilvy & Son, London, 1798

*From 'A General Atlas Being a Collection of  Maps of The World and Quarters, the Principal Empires & Kingdoms' by Robert Wilkinson, London, 1800*

*From a map by Aaron Arrowsmith, 1802, from John Pinkerton's 'Modern Geography', London*

*From a map by Samuel John Neele (1758-1824), published by Longman & Co., London, 1808*

*From a map by Arrowsmith & Lewis from 'A New and Elegant General Atlas', published by Thomas & Andrews, Boston, 1812*

From a map by  John Russell, Liverpool, 1814

*From a map by W. and D. Lizars, from 'Ewing's New General Atlas' (Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh, 1826)*

*From a map by J. Neele in 'Guthrie's Atlas' (J. Mawman, London, 1827)*

*From a map by R. Scott (Archibald Fullarton & Co., Glasgow, 1844)*

*From a map by Alexandre Veuillemin, 1852*

*From James Wyld's 'Atlas of the World;, 1853*

*From J. H. Colton's 'Atlas of the World', 1856*

From 'The Imperial Atlas of Modern Geography' by Blackie and Son, London, 1860 (drawn by J. and C. Walker)

*South India by Lowry, c.1860*

*"Map of the Presidency of Madras," 1880*

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