*Early Maratha conquests, in Shivaji's and Shahji's time** and
*India in 1751**; historical maps by Charles Joppen (1907)

*India in 1760**, a map by Longmans, 1905

*India in 1761**, a historical map by "Majumdar," with the Marathas' territory prominently displayed

*India in 1784**, a contemporary map by Thomas Kitchin

"India in 1785, at the end of Hastings' rule"; a map by Longman Green, London, 1905

*India in 1785**, a historical map by S. R. Gardiner, 1892

*Indian in 1787**, a contemporary map by Rigobert Bonne

*India in 1795**,
*Indian in 1805**, more Joppen historical maps (1907)

*"India, early Nineteenth Century"*
*"India in 1906, illustrating the growth of British territory and supremacy"*

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