*'Indian Camp Scene' (Plate 4), from a series of drawings by Captain James Barton [who served in the Fourth Anglo-Maratha War, 1817-19], London, 1820* (BL); also:
*'Hill Fort of Bhow Mullen' (Plate 1)* [*Barton 1820b*];
*'Hill Fort of Sidghur' (Plate 2)* [*Barton 1820c*];
*'Callian, Northern Concan' (Plate 3)* [*Barton 1820d*];
*'View in the Northern Concan' (Plate 5)* [*Barton 1820e*];
*'Hill Fort of Mhowle' (Plate 8)* [*Barton 1820f*];
*'Hill Fort of Kurnallah' (Plate 9)* [*Barton 1820g*];
*'Gonuck Ghur' [Kanak garh] (Plate 12)* [*Barton 1820h*]

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