*The Divan-e Khas right after the Rebellion; a photo by Robert and Harriet Tytler, 1858* (BL); (mislabeled in the catalogue)

A photograph by Bourne and Shepherd, c.1870's: *more information (BL)*

Source: ebay, Aug. 2005

*The throne in the Divan-e Khas, an albumen print by Bourne, c.1880*

Source: ebay, June 2008

*"Interior, Devani Khas, Delhi"; a photo from 1880* (BL) [*photo 1880's*]

An interior photo by M. A. Mirza and Sons, c.1880's; *another very similar interior photo from the 1880's*

Source: ebay, Nov. 2006

An albumen photo by Frith, c.1880's

Source: ebay, Dec. 2007

An albumen photo from the 1880's

Source: ebay, Nov. 2005

A photogravure by Martin Hurlimann, 1935

Source: ebay, Jan. 2009

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