*The courtyard of Ghazi al-Din Khan's Madrassah [and tomb] at Delhi [near Ajmeri Gate] looking west towards the mosque; a watercolor by Seeta Ram, 1814-15* (BL); (Ghazi ud-Din Khan (1649-1710) was an important noble in Aurangzeb's court; from 1825-1842 the madrasah associated with his tomb housed the famous Delhi College);
also: *The tomb of Ghazi al-Din Khan in his Madrassah, with the mosque beyond* [*Sita Ram 1814b*];
also: *The tomb and surrounding marble enclosure of Ghazi al-Din Khan* [*Sita Ram 1814c*]

*Ghazi al-Din's Mosque, Madrassa of Ghazi al Din Khan, Madrassa of Ghazi al Din, Tomb of Ghazi-al Din; by Mazhar Ali Khan for the Metcalfe album, c.1840's* (BL)

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