the TAJ MAHAL (1631-48)

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There was once a kind of bazaar called "Taj Ganj" located right outside the Taj's main entry gate
Visitors enter the Taj complex through a massive red sandstone gate faced with white marble
The Taj's mosque has a lovely white marble mihrab
Some early engravings
Some early photos
Classic views, in modern visitors' photos
The calligraphy and inlay work that ornament the Taj's white marble walls
An unforgettably beautiful marble latticework screen surrounds the two tombs themselves
The view said to have been Shah Jahan's, during the years he was imprisoned in the Agra Fort across the river
Needless to say, the Taj is ideal material for posters and other media
Qawwali performers at the Taj
Try a search for "taj mahal"...

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