The complex array of coins available in the late eighteenth century; from Pierre Sonnerat's 'Voyage aux Indes orientales et a la Chine', 1782

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A coin from the Bengal Presidency, 1780/1, minted in the name of Shah Alam II

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"British East India Company. Bengal Presidency. 1780-1784. AR Pattern Fulus-Quarter Anna (24.6 mm, 11.83 gm, 6h). Prinsep's Coinage. Dated AH 1195 (1780/1 AD). Name of Mughal emperor Shah Alam II; AH date, star above / Regnal year with five stars. Edge: wire edge separating bands of reeding."

Madras Presidency, five-cash coin, 1803

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This one, an even lower-value coin than a pice,  says on the back, in Persian, "It is a single falus, of five kas."

British East India Company two-pice [=paise] coin, 1804

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The reverse depicts a balance scale, and says "Justice" ('adal) in Urdu or Persian.

This Company coin of 10 cash, or two falus, is in mint condition because it was recovered from the 1809 shipwreck of the 'Admiral Gardiner'

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The motif of "justice" persists, in this quarter-anna coin from 1833

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A one-rupee silver Company coin: Queen Victoria on the front, a laurel wreath on the back (1840)

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A coin-stamping machine from c.1846, and some representative contemporary coins

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"Steel Engraving from 1846. Minting. In the center: the Stamping machine of the mint in Rio de Janeiro.

Legend:  2. Persian gold piece of Imam Riza 3. East India Rupee Zodiac 4. Gold piece of the East India Company 5. Gold piece of the Dutch East India Company 6. Double gold sovereign of Brabant of 1796 7.  Gold Sovereign of Brabant of 1796 8  Belgian gold lion of 1790 9. Danish Species Ducat 10. Danish double Frederic d'or of 1828 11. Austrian ducat of 1820 12. Bavarian ducat of 182 13. Hamburg ducat of 1818 14. Ducat of Electoral Saxony of 1797 15. Ducat of Canton of Berne 16. Carl d'or of the duchy of Brunswick, 1799 17. Hanoverian double pistole, 1829 18. Wilhelm d'or of the Electorate of Hesse, 1829 19. Royal Prussian double Frederick d'or, 1800 20. Royal Prussian Frederick d'or, 1822 21. Royal Wirtemberg Frederic d'or, 1810 22. Sixteen franc piece or pistole of the Helvetic Republic, 1800 23. Five guilder piece or imperial ducat of the grand duchy of Baden, 1827 24. Ten guilder piece or Caroline of the grand duchy of Hesse, 1826 25. Royal guinea of Great Britain, 1801."

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