Warren Hastings Esquire, Governor General of Bengal, 1777

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"After Sir Joshua Reynolds, P.R.A. Warren Hastings Esq. Governor General of Bengal, by Thomas Watson. mezzotint, published London, 1777; 15 x 19½in. (28.1 x 49.5cm.)."

*"Warren Hastings seated," by Mir Qamar al-Din Minnat, c.1782* (BL)

A report from Warren Hastings, printed in the London Chronicle, 1784

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*"The Tryal of Warren Hastings Esq. Before the Court of Peers in Westminster Hall," an aquatint by J. R. Polland, London, 1789* (BL)

*Lord Hastings' flotilla on the river [passing by Buxar], with many pinnace budgerows; a watercolor [and eyewitness view] by Seeta Ram, 1814-15* (BL)

*Temple of Ganga Gobind Singh, banian [merchant banker] of Warren Hastings, at Kandi; a watercolor by Seeta Ram, 1814-15* (BL)

*A Calcutta monument to Hastings: he wears a Roman toga, and is counselled by a Hindu on one side and a Muslim on the other*

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A spectacular miniature painting from Warren Hastings's collection

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"A GATHERING OF DERVISHES. Probably Deccan, circa 1640. Pen and wash on paper, a group of dervishes in a forest clearing smoking and preparing wine in Chinese vessels, conversing and sleeping in a woodland setting, mounted on card, verso with a page of calligraphy, 8ll. of black nasta'liq with a Persian devotional verse, gold floral margins. Folio 10 3/8 x 7 5/8in. (26.3 x 19.3cm.).

Provenance: Warren Hastings, Governor General of India (1732-1818), Daylesford House, Oxfordshire, part of an album, sold Farebrother Clark and Lye, 22 August 1853, lot 861.

Lot Notes: This image of a group of dervishes seeking religious ectasy through the use of drink is probably after a Persian original. A very fine version of this painting attributed to the artist Muhammadi of around 1590 is in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (no.14.649) (Gray, B.: Persian Painting, 1977, pp.157-9)."

A Madonna and child, from Warren Hastings's album

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"MADONNA AND CHILD, MUGHAL INDIA, 18TH CENTURY. From the Warren Hastings Album, grisaille drawing with colour washes heightened with gold, Virgin and Child with an italianate city behind, in the style probably derived from a 16th century Italian original, mounted on an album page with salmon border and cream margins with gold lattice and flowerhead motif, the reverse with 6ll. of nasta'liq copied from a page of calligraphy by Sultan 'Ali al-Mashhadi, glazed, good condition. Folio 17 x 11in. (43 x 28.3cm.)

Lot Notes:  This is from the dispersed Warren Hastings Album, formely in the collection of Sir Thomas Phillips Bt (1792-1872). It was broken up and sold at Sotheby's 27 November 1974."

*The "Right Honorable Warren Hastings" in old age (a photogravure made in 1902)*

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