Religious customs in Narsinga (an old name for Vijayanagar); from a five-volume set of travel accounts of 'India Orientalis' and elsewhere, by Johann Theodore de Bry and Johann Israel de Bry, Frankfurt, c.1599; more engravings from this work, some with modern hand coloring:

*Some Arab and Ethiopian inhabitants of Goa*
*Fishing boats of Goa and Cochin*
*"A foist with a Portuguese pavilion"*
*A shipwreck during a voyage that included Goa and Point de Galle*
*"Illustration of a certain horrible robbery, perpetrated in the state of Goa" [a wife conspires to rub and murder her husband]*
*Wedding rituals in Ballagate, near Goa*; *the whole page*
*Funeral rituals in Ballagate*; *the whole page*
*"Balliadera" [bayadere]*; *the whole page*
 *Village life in India*; *the whole page*
*Brahmins and merchants*; *the whole page*

*The King of Bali*
*View of a market in Bantam*
*People of Malacca*
*People of Sumatra*
*Javanese dancers*
*Javanese drummers*
*A council in Java*
*A Javanese trireme*
*An attack on a Dutch ship in Java*
*Dutch ships in Amboina*

*People of the Euphrates*

*Nomination of a regent in China*

*Women warriors of Monomotapa, southern Africa*

*Dutch warships in Portugal*

*Mexicans killing captives*
*Dutch warships off the island of Brava, Costa Rica*
*The Dutch in the island of Mocha, Chile*

Source: ebay, Jan. 2008

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