Deities, mathematicians, Brahmins-- from 'Curieuse aenmerckingen der bysonderste Oost en West-Indische verwonderens-waerdige dingen; nevens die van China, Africa, en andere gewesten des werelds.', by S. de Vries, published in Utrecht by J. Ribbius, 1682 (*the title page*). Also:

*"The Mughal court and court splendor"*
*"The Mughal's birthday celebration"*
*"A diamond mine"*
*"Toll rights and cases"*
*A map of the Deccan and South India*
*Asian ships*
*Trade and merchandise in Southeast Asia*
*"Musical instruments"*
*"Magicians and acrobats"*
*The Persian royal court*
*Hagia Sophia mosque, Istanbul*
*Turkish slavery*
*An Abyssinian court*
*The Turkish conquest of Abyssinia*
*Royal celebrations in Pegu*
*"Hottentots and Guineans"*
*"A Japanese guard house"*
*"A Tatar court scene"*
*"A Chinese court scene"*
*"Chinese hospitality"*
*Chinese fireworks*
*"Virginian ceremonies"*
*"The art of feather painting in Mexico"*
*"Brazilian dress"*

Source: ebay, July 2013

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