The Jantar Mantar, Banaras, a photo from the 1860's

(downloaded April 2000)

"Raja Jey Singh's observatory, Benares." From the Hawkshaw album (1860's);  Jai Singh had built such observatories in Ujjain and Mathura (now gone) as well.

*An engraving of the Banaras Jantar Mantar by Archibald Campbell, c.1777* (BL)

"Shows stone instruments used for determining solar time precisely, based on Muslim design principles. One of five observatories built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur. Originally published in 'Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society', vol. 67: "An account of the Bramins observatory at Benares," by Sir Robert Barker; illlustrated by  Lt-Col. Archibald Campbell; Basire (engraver). London, W.Bowyer & J. Nichols, 1777."

*Observatory (Man Mandirghat) [Benares]; a photo by Babu Jageswar Prasad, 1883* (BL)

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