From a miniature map by Nicholas Sanson, Paris, 1683 [1652]

From a map by Pierre Vander Aa, in 'Voyagien der Engelsen', Leyden, 1706; *the cartouche*; *the whole map*

From Isaac Tirion's "Nieuwe en Beknopte Hand-Atlas," Amsterdam, 1744 (with modern hand coloring)

From a French map by Rigobert Bonne, 1762

*From a Dutch version of Isaak Tirion's 'Hand Atlas', Amsterdam, 1769 (with later hand coloring)*

From a map engraved by Thomas Bowen and published by J. Cooke, London, 1778

From Bonne's map of North India, c.1780

From an English atlas map by J. Russell, 1801

*The Delhi region, 1808, from a map by Samuel John Neele, published by Longman & Co., London*

*The Delhi region, 1809, by Eustache Herisson, from "Atlas do Dictionaire de Geographie Universelle," Paris*

The Delhi region, 1814, by John Russell; published by Nuttal, Fisher & Co., Liverpool

*The Delhi region, 1826, by W. and D. Lizars, from Ewing's New General Atlas (Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh)*

*The Delhi region, 1829, by Pierre  & Alexander Lapie, published by Emery, Fruger et Cie., Paris*

*The Delhi region, 1850, by John Dower, from "A Desciptive Atlas of Astronomy and of Physical and Political Geography" by Thomas Milner (Orr & Co., London)*

*The Delhi region, 1855 (area between Delhi and Lahore); from a map by A. H. Dufour (Georges Barba, Paris)*

*The Delhi region, 1863, from a map published in The Weekly Dispatch, London*

*The Delhi region, 1865, from "An Atlas of Modern Geography" by James Wyld, London*


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