Bahadur Shah and two of his sons (1838)

Source:  A Second Paradise: Indian Courtly Life 1590-1947, by Naveen Patnaik. New York: Metropolitan Museum, 1985, p. 164, image 81; scan by FWP, Sept. 2001.

The Last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah II, with Two Sons; The Heir Apparent, Fakhrud-din Mirza at His Right, and Mirza Farkhanda. Mughal, North India, Delhi, dated in the month of Rabi I, A.H. 1254 (May-June 1838): 32 x 38 cm. Private collection.

"On this final imperial Mughal portrait are inscribed some of his honorifics:  "the Shadow of God," "Exalted King of Kings," "Refuge of Islam," and "Increasor of the Splendour of the Community of the Paraclete." The lions aupporting the throne are scrawny and feeble and the Emperor's halo has turned from the usual gold to hauntingly anemic pale blues." (p. 185)

*View of the Delhi palace from Metcalfe House (left), Portrait of the Emperor Bahadur Shah II (right); by Mazhar 'Ali Khan, 1840's* (BL)

Bahadur Shah and Zinat Mahal, his youngest and favorite wife, shortly before 1857 (The Indian Empire, London, c.1858); *a very large, uncolored version of the Zafar portrait*; the Zafar portrait is entitled: "Mahomed Suraj-oo-Deen Shah Gazee, Titular King of Delhi, born 1773 & proclaimed rebel King of Delhi May 11th 1857; dethroned and captured Sept. 20 1857; from a miniature painted on ivory by the portrait painter to the King of Delhi; a beautiful specimen of native art. The London Printing and Publishing Company Ltd."

Source: http://www.antiqueprints.com/Prints/india_prints.html
(downloaded June 2001)

*'Zinat Mahal Begum, the favourite queen of the Emperor Bahadur Shah' after her capture; a photo taken just after the Rebellion of 1857; pasted into the Metcalfe album by Metcalfe's son, Sir John Theophilus Metcalfe
(1828-83), who was the magistrate in Delhi in 1857* (BL); [*Zinat Mahal photo*]

*The last known  photograph of Bahadur Shah, taken while he was a captive in the Red Fort, awaiting trial; photo by Tytler and Shepherd, 1858* (BL)

"The King of Delhi," a sketch of Bahadur Shah in exile by Horatio Gordon Robley, a British officer who was posted in Burma at the time; click on the image for a very large scan

Source: Thanks to the generosity of Mike Dottridge, Jan 2012

A nostalgic later portrait painted on an ivory plaque

Source: http://www.christies.com/LotFinder/lfsearch/LotDescription.aspx?intObjectId=4893882
(downloaded Mar. 2007)

"A PAINTED IVORY PLAQUE WITH AKBAR SHAH II [actually Bahadur Shah], INDIA, LATE 19TH CENTURY. Of rectangular form, gouache on ivory, depicting Akbar II and a consort seated on a bejewelled sofa wearing an elaborate fur trimmed robe and ruby and pearl jewellery - 7 1/4 in. (18.5cm.) diam."

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