An elaborately calligraphed Hand of Fatimah, 1800's, India

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"A LARGE SILVER-GILT HAND OF FATIMA, INDIA, 19TH CENTURY. Cast in high relief with calligraphic panels among foliate bands -- 19½in. (49.5cm.)."

A similar silver "Hand" with Hebrew inscription; in some areas these are part of Jewish folk tradition

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"Amulet in the shape of hand of Fatima with Hebrew writing; Morocco; Silver."


A Turkish door-knocker, c.1880's, showing the "Hand of Fatimah" holding a globe that represents the world

Source: ebay, Apr. 2007

A cast-brass version of the "Hand of Fatima"

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The "Hand of Fatimah" is widely used in North Africa

Source: ebay, July 2002

"This lovely silver khamsa (hand of Fatima) was found in the ancient medina in Fes, Morocco. The motif is found throughout the Islamic world and is used as a protection from the Evil Eye. You are twice blessed with this one by having the smaller symbol hanging from the main one. The hand hammered designs on the surface add a beautiful touch."

A Yemeni filigree version, c.1900

Source: ebay, Mar. 2012

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