Images of SHI'A ISLAM

A map that locates Shi'a and Sunni Muslims around the world
A mihrab or prayer niche from Isfahan (1354), from the Met; Iran is the classic home of South Asian Shi'ism
Some magnificent calligraphy pieces invoked the powerful name of 'Ali, and not always for Shi'a patrons
A famous and spectacularly gorgeous emerald, from Aurangzeb's time (1695/6), carved with a Shi`ite prayer; it may have belonged to one of the Mughal imperial officers in the Deccan.
Hazrat 'Ali, Hasan, and Husain are shown in paintings as specially honored by Divine favor
Imambarahs, also called imambargahs, were important centers of ritual activity, especially at Muharram; *Lucknow* had some famous ones
Some early drawings and paintings of Muharram rituals and processions
Mourning processions for Muharram were common, and often included participation by non-Shias, and elements of street theater as well
After the processions, the special tabuts were often cast into a river or the sea
Some finials from 'alams (standards carried in Muharram processions)
Protective amulets of the "Hand of Fatimah," while not specifically Shi'a, are popularly used in many parts of the Islamic world to ward off the evil eye
Modern Shi'a calligraphic designs, with the names of the Five Pure Ones, or the name of 'Ali alone.

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