From a French map, 1750 (not Bellin, source information not available)

From the 'The Gentleman's Magazine: or, monthly intelligencer' by Sylvanus Urban, published by Edward Cave, London, 1767; *the whole map*

"The Peninsula of India from the Kistna River to Cape Comorin, ... Exhibiting its Political Division, according to the Partition Treaty made at Seringapatam, 1792," by James Rennell: *the upper part*; *the middle part*; *the lower part*; *the caption*

A map by John Luffman, from 'Select plans of the principal cities, harbours, forts, &c., in the world', London, 1799

From 'A General Atlas Being a Collection of  Maps of The World and Quarters, the Principal Empires & Kingdoms', by Robert Wilkinson, London, 1808

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