"English Officers at the Summer Palace of Tippoo Sultan in Bangalore," 1782

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"Sir Alexander Allan, Bt. (1764-1820). English Officers at the Summer Palace of Tippoo Sultan in Bangalore; with inscription and date 'Hyderabad 1782' (on the reverse); pencil, pen and grey ink and watercolour, unframed; 13¼ x 18¾ in. (33.7 x 47.9 cm.).

Lot Notes:  Allan was an officer in the Madras Native Infantry from 1780 to 1804, when he resigned having reached the rank of Major in 1804 and returned home to pursue his business interests. From 1814 he was a Director of the East India Company. He took part in the Third and Fourth Mysore Wars against Tippoo Sultan and he is portrayed in Henry Singleton's painting, engraved by Cardon, of the two sons of Tippoo Sultan surrendering to General Sir David Baird in 1799. He had already published his drawings of Tippoo's capitals and of the hill forts made during the Third Mysore War of 1790-92 in his Views in the Mysore Country, London, 1794."

*An interior view of the palace built by Tipu Sultan at Bangalore, by Robert Home, London, 1794* (BL)

*West Front Of Tippoo's Palace, Bangalore; an aquatint by James Hunter, 1804* (BL)

*The Darya Daulat Bagh of Tipu Sultan, Shrirangapattana [Seringapatam]; a photo by Henry Dixon, 1860's* (BL)

*The Deria Dowlut in Seringapatam. Frescoes on wall; a photo by Edmund David Lyon, 1868* (BL)

*The Deria Dowlut in Seringapatam. The drawing room; a photo by Edmund David Lyon, 1868* (BL)

*Darya Doulut, Seringapatam; a photo by Nicholas and Co., 1870's* (BL)

*The Old Palace in the Fort, Bangalore; a photo by Albert Thomas Penn, 1870's* (BL) [*Penn 1870's*]

*"Mural Paintings on Palace Wall, Old Palace, Mysore," a photo by Nicholson & Son, Madras, c.1880's*

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A modern visitor's view of some of the frescoes

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The palace as it looks nowadays

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A two-story view

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