the REBELLION of 1857

Some portraits from the British side: Lord Canning, Sir Colin Campbell, Sir Henry Havelock, Sir James Outram; and lots of *literature*
There were danger signals, many involving the notorious greased cartridges; some troops were disarmed, in a precaution that also increased the disaffection
It began as a real mutiny, in MEERUT; then the rebel sepoys at once made for Delhi, and took over the palace and the city; see also some *maps and views*
The seizure of Delhi, and the massacre of British officers and civilians that followed, was blamed generally on Muslims, and particularly on Bahadur Shah and his sons
One of the rebel chieftains of Bengal, Raja Kunvar Singh
The rebel Maratha chieftain Nana Sahib
A vivid look, through British eyes, at Tantia Topi's troops
Some other contemporary impressions of the (actual or potential) combatants
The story of an English officer who was also in some sense an Indian

The famous Residency in Lucknow-- before, and after
Some pages from an album of drawings by an officer who had been besieged in the Lucknow Residency
Battles were always at least partly Indian vs. Indian combats; in the absence of military discipline, the rebels fought furiously but erratically
Not only the rebels, but the British too, were depicted as eagerly looting the places they conquered

Reinforcements were rapidly mobilized, and most of them were bound for Delhi
The storming of Kashmiri Gate-- a high point in British memory
The capture of Bahadur Shah, who had taken refuge in Humayun's Tomb

As town after town was retaken, many captives were hanged on the spot, on mere suspicion; some of the most determined rebels fled north into Nepal
Some ringleaders were blown from the mouths of cannons, a form of death repugnant to both Muslims and Hindus
Memorials were built for the British dead; and the Prince of Wales made a special point of honoring loyal veterans during his visit in 1876
The Rani of Jhansi too is nowadays vividly memorialized

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