Aligarh M.A.O. College (founded 1878)

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Some Aligarhians, late 1860's to early 1870's, in whose midst the College took shape

Aligarh M.A.O. College was part of a wide spectrum of traditional and modernizing educational processes

Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan (1817-1898) was a man as remarkable and influential in his own way as Gandhi; if he hadn't existed, it would have been hard to invent him: *his writings and thoughts*
Victoria Gate at Aligarh, still displaying the original seal of the "Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College"; the College was the great project of Sir Sayyid's life
Strachey Hall, a World Heritage site, also displays a seal
A women's school was added in 1907; when the College became a University in 1920, its first chancellor was Sultan Shah Jahan Begam, the reigning Begam of Bhopal
"Bab-e Sayyid," opening onto the campus of today's Aligarh Muslim University; the *AMU taranah (college song)*
The campus of course has a Jama Masjid; Sir Sayyid's simple tomb is in its compound
How students today get around within the sprawling Aligarh campus
Three views of Maulana Azad Library
Shahid H. arrives on campus (2000), in a classic vignette

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