Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan (1817-1898), an idealized painting

(downloaded April 2001)

From a family website maintained by a descendant of Sir Sayyid's.

"From the seed which we sow today there may spring up a mighty tree whose branches, like those of the banyan of the soil, shall in their turn stike firm roots into the earth and themselves send forth new and vigorous saplings. This college may expand into a university whose sons shall go forth throughout the length and breadth of the land to preach the gospel of free enquiry, of large hearted toleration, and of pure morality." -- Sir Syed Ahmad Khan [source: same web page]

Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan late in life, a photograph

Source: David Lelyveld, Aligarh's First Generation: Muslim Solidarity in British India (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1978), p. 5; scan by FWP, Nov. 2002

Sir Sayyid is remembered and honored in New York, 2013

Source: announcement provided by fwp, Sept 2013

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