*Emam Buksh, Jogi or Mahomedan devotee, Allyghur*
*Ganga Ram Bohra, Hindoo, Allyghur*
*Gobind Doss, Bairagee or Hindoo devotee, Allyghur*
*Hotee Loll, Hindu banker of Hattrass, Allyghur*
*Izzat Ullee Khan, Soonee Mahomedan from Coel, Allyghur*
*Jwahir Loll, Hindoo banker, Allyghur*
*Khulleefa Daood, Mahomedan, Allyghur*
*Khwajeh Torab Ali, Mahomedan Moulvee or lawyer, Soonee, Allyghur*
*Meer Inayut Hosein, Shiah Mahomedan, a Syud of descendant of Mahomed, Allyghur*
*Poorun Sing, Hindoo Rajpoot, Bais tribe, Allyghur*
*Pundit Aftab Rae, Hindoo priest, Brahmin, Allyghur*
*Pundit Ramnaraen, Hindoo priest, Brahmin, Allyghur*
*Rugnath Sahai, Hindoo, Allyghur*
*Runnea Jatni, girl of Jat tribe, Allyghur*
*Ruttun Gyr Gosaen, Hindoo devotee, Allyghur*
*Sheikh Zeaollah, Soonee Mahomedan, Sheikh caste, Allyghur*
*Sookha Khunjur, Hindoo peasant, Allyghur*
*Thakoor Hira Sing, Hindoo landholder, Allyghur*
*Thakoor Tej Sing, Hindoo landholder, Jat, Allyghur* (shown above)
All these photos are from 'The People of India', published from 1868 to the early 1870's by W.H. Allen, for the India Office.

Source: ebay, May 2008

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