Views of BANARAS / VARANASI (mostly 1800's)

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Here's a look at how much space the city occupied in 1884
Just across the river from Banaras is RAMNAGAR, with the Raja's palace; it's also the site of the famous annual Ramlila pageant
From early times, it's always been Banaras's riverfront ghats that have claimed the largest share of visitors' attention.
Later on, steel engravings gave place to more subtly toned wood ones
Early photographs of the ghats
Nearby: Aurangzeb's Mosque
The ghats are illuminated for the visit of the Prince of Wales, 1876
Glimpses of life along the ghats
And of course the riverfront makes a natural travel poster
A small modern Shiva temple, brilliantly painted, along the ghats
The famous Gyanvapi, or "Well of Knowledge" temple
The Durga mandir has often been known as the "Monkey Temple"
Banaras has also been a center of Sanskrit studies and traditional learning
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