Later 1800's, it seems. No further source information available at present.

*Basket Weaver* == *Wife of Basket Weaver*
*Bearer or Valet*
*Brahman Astrologer*
*Cobbler and Assistant* (shown above)
*Dancing Girl*
*Grass Cutter* == *Wife of Grass Cutter*
*Head Clerk*
*Hindu Ascetic*
*Maratha Courtier* == *Wife of Maratha Courtier*
*Maratha Pilgrim* == *Wife of Maratha Pilgrim*
*Moplah Muslim*
*Muslim Mendicant* == *Wife of Muslim Mendicant*
*Muslim Nobleman* == *Wife of Muslim Nobleman*
*Oil Merchant* == *Wife of Oil Merchant*
*Quail Seller* == *Wife of Quail Seller*
*Ribbon Seller*
*Rope Seller*
*Snake Charmer*
*Toddy Tapper* == *Wife of Toddy Tapper*
*Washerman* == *Wife of Washerman*
*Water Carrier*

Source: ebay, Aug. 2013

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