Some wonders of India by Friedrich and Carl Bertuch, 1801-15

Source: ebay, Mar. 2005

"Three handcolored copperplage engravings: "INDISCHE TRACHTEN", "INDISCHE BÜSSENDE" & "INDISCHE GAUKLER." PLATE 1: Monch, Fakir, Writer and Procession Wagons.[1. Hindu mendicant friar (pandarum); 2. Fakir; 3. Clerk or scribe; 4. Carriage loaden with idols; 5. Hackery (taxi).] PLATE 2: Three Penitents. PLATE 3: Tumblers and Snake Charmer. These are Plates #16 to 18 of Vol. 11 of the Second Edition of "Bilderbuch zum Nutzen und Vergnügen der Jugend", first authored and published by FRIEDRICH JUSTIN BERTUCH (1747-1822) and his Son CARL BERTUCH (1777-1815) in Vienna, Austria in the Years 1801 to 1815. These Prints taken from the 1820's Second Edition and identical to the First Edition Prints, except for the "1825" Watermarks in the Papers."

*1. Pagodas of Talicut, Mysore; 2. Religious feast at Ossur, Mysore; from  F. J. Bertuch, Porte-feuille des Enfans, Melange interessant d'Animau, Plantes, Fleurs, Fruits, Mineraux, Costumes (Weimar: Bureau d'Industrie, 1792 ff.)*

*Faqirs doing austerities*

*"Benares and its Pagodas"*

*"Indian Mosques and Pagodas: 1) Mosque of Arkot; 2) Pagoda of Wira Mally" (1792)*

*"Cuttub-Minar at Delhi & Palace of the King of Delhi"*

*"A tiger hunt in India," published by Carl Bertuch, Vienna, 1799; a copperplate engraving with original hand coloring*

*A hunting scene*

*A view of the Himalayas*

*Fish from India (1790)*

*Village with pagodas, palms, and pool*

*Attire of Indians, Siberians, Turks, Arabs*

Source: ebay, July 2006 and onward

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