*"The Grass-cutter and Gram-grinder"*
*"Sugar Mills at Belaspore"*
*"Superstitions of the Natives"*

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"Three hand-coloured engravings, c1850's, from Fanny Parkes's 'Wanderings of a Pilgrim in Search of the Picturesque'."

*[Krishna on a Gopi-elephant]*

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"[PARKES, Fanny (1794-1875)]. Wanderings of a Pilgrim, in Search of the Picturesque, during Four-And-Twenty Years in the East. London: Pelham Richardson, 1850. 2 volumes, 8°. Folding lithographed plan of elevation of the Himalayas in slip pocket in binding, 49 lithographs including 20 hand-coloured. Original blue pictorial cloth gilt, image of man on peacock in gilt on front board, blind on back, title and vignettes in gilt on spine.

Fanny Parkes arrived in India with her husband, a civil servant in the East India Company, in 1822 and remained there until 1845, living first in Calcutta and then in Allahabad. She travelled extensively around India, sketching as she went. Her journal, widely acclaimed on its publication for its accuracy and wealth of detail, is based on a diary the author kept for her mother."

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