Various furnishings and utensils, plate 97

Source: ebay, Dec. 2005

Fig. 1. Book for sacred service, 2. Shoe of a prince, 3. Audience throne, 4. Portable throne of Grand Mogul, 5. Emperor, 18th C throne with baldachin (The Mogul Emperor Farouksiar, who died in 1719). 6,7. Small wooden spoons, 8. Praying cylinder, 9-13. Water pipes, 14,21. Violin and bow, 15. Vina, 16. Guitar, 17. Stone scepter, 18. Wooden relic, 50 BC, 19. Fan, 20. Ash tray, 22. Writing desk in the form of boat. REGARDING Figs 3,4: This reproduction of an Indian miniature represents a Grand Mogul sitting on a throne. The miniature dates from the 17th century. These thrones were of elaborate ornamentation and raised admiration wherever they appeared. The main motif of the ornamentation here is a peacock. Similar elaborate thrones were mounted on horses and elephants. It is not clear, what was the function of the person sitting on the hexagonal chair, most likely it was Himad-oud-Deulet, the prime minister."