*Weddings* (1888)


*Costumes and Dresses of India* (1888)
*A doli, and dancing girls* (1888)
*A funeral; and various costumes* (1876)
*House interiors* (1876)
*Interior of a 'Pleasure' House in Persia* (1876)
*A Moorish Residence* (1888)
*People and Costumes of Ceylon* (1876)
*People of India* (1876)
*Occupations of the people of India and Nepal* (1876)
*A funeral; and some Rajahs* (1888)
*A Shaivite funeral procession; and women's dress* (1876)
*A Muslim funeral procession; and some Hindu costumes* (1888)
*Tools, Ornaments, and Weapons* (1888)
*Arms of India, Nepal, Persia, and Turkey* (1888)
*Pipes of Asia* (1888)
*Turbans and headgear of the Middle East and India* (1888)

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