Armor of India, Nepal, Persia, and Turkey (1888)

Source: ebay, Mar. 2006

"Fig. 1. Dagger from India, called khouttar, Fig. 2,3,9,11,23 and 24. Indian daggers with strengthened, rippled blades. Nos. 3,9,11, and 23 have  the handle made of ivory, enriched with enameled ornaments. Dagger No. 24 has the handle in the form of a horse-head. It is made of a crystal-rock embellished with enamel. The blades of the luxury daggers are embellished with gold. Fig. 6. Dagger from India slightly projecting from its sheath. The handle is made of green jade, artistically formed. Fig. 10 and 18. These are oriental daggers, made by a Paris company of M. Henri Lepage. Fig. 19 and 20. Indian daggers. The handle has raised design, the sheath has wide furrows. Fig. 22. Dagger from Persia with a cord made of weaved gold threads. Fig. 15. Dagger from Turkey shown inserted in its sheath. Fig. 5. Sword from India, with the blade serrated on both sides. The handle is made of wood. Fig. 8. Sword from India. It has a flat blade and transversal grip, embellished with with a round-shaped armband. In India, this sword is considered already an ancient type of sword. Fig. 4. Sabre from India with a curved blade, steel grip covered with plain gold. Fig. 5. Indian saber. Drawn half-way from its silver sheath. The blade is slightly curved, the cross-guard is hook-shaped, made of finely chiseled silver. The end of the grip is in the form of an animal's head. Fig. 13. Indian saber with curved blade and sharp, saw-like teeth. The grip is embellished with inlay silver. The pommel is in the shape of a small disc. Fig. 12.  Indian execution saber. Large and strong Damascus blade, rather rude. This saber weighs almost 13 lbs. Fig. 21. A Special weapon from Nepal called Koukri kora. The blade is hook-shaped, especially at the end, ending with in sharp points. The grip has two discs at both ends. The sheath for this arm is quite large, made of wood. clothed in red velvet. Fig. 14. Old Indian rifle with match-striking fire mechanism. Beautiful barrel inlaid with silver. The grip, made of wood, is lacquered, embellished with gold. Gig. 16. and 17. Shafted weapons made entirely of steel, with reliefs, embellished in gold."