The caption describes only the lower panel (1888)

Source: ebay, Nov. 2005

"1  A Brahmin jewel trader,  a follower of Shiva, carrying a sample of his wares in his hand. He has a small silk turban, of which one fold hangs down over his forehead, bearing the insignia of his sect. A large gold medallion lies on his chest. A billowing tunic falls below the knees, covering wide trousers of Turkish design, and a cashmere shawl is worn as a sash slung over his shoulder. 2  A  Rajah  of Gingy  in  the Kamataka, a follower of Vishnu. The folds of his fine silk headdress are wound tightly, leaving the ears exposed, and a small shield of rhinoceros hide and a bow and quiver hang from his shoulders. 3 A Pathan Muslim, wearing a muslin turban wound in the style of his religion. The remainder of his  clothing,  however,  appears more typical of the Hindus. 4 The Rajah of Tanjore in the Kamataka, a member of the Mahrat caste and an adherent of Vishnu. His turban is made of embroidered silk and is decorated at the front with a brooch holding an eagle's feather in place. He is wearing diamond earrings, a white muslin robe, a cashmere belt and a plaited shoulder belt. The illustration on the top depicts a funeral of a Brahmin, which is a member of the highest, or priestly, class among the Hindus."