A Shaivite funeral procession, and women's dress: Racinet, 1876

Source: ebay, Nov. 2005

"1. This illustration depicts a funeral procession of a penitent brahma of the Siva sect. 2 The wife of a craftsman from Amritsar. The majority of working women in the Punjab are employed to clean cashmere shawls, which are sent to the markets of Hindustan. This washerwoman is wearing a choli - a small jacket with short sleeves that only goes down to the bust. Otherwise, her main item of clothing is a straight skirt. Her feet are bare, and her skin is exposed above the waist. 3 The wife of a jewel trader, covered with gemstones. She has a pearl studded gold ring in her nose, and six or seven necklaces. The sleeves of her choli end in jewels, which also glitter on her bust. 4 and 5 Women of the Mahrat caste. This is one of the aristocratic castes of India, and thèse ladies live shut up in enclosed zananah. They are wearing pleated skirts with light corsets that do not cover their breasts. One lady - with a parrot on her hand - has bare feet, since she is indoors and walking on carpet. The other carries a piece of betel leaf in her hand."