"Occupations of the people of India and Nepal" (1876)

Source: ebay, Apr. 2006

"Legend: Fig. 1. Mountain people, mainpouri from the valley of the river Irraouaddi (The turban is tied on the side of the head, the shirt covered with a vest made of fabric), 2-3. Gourkas, warrior tribe of Nepal, 4. Family women grinding the flour, the women wear a choli, which is a little corsage and a sari, which envelopes the head, 6. Multani, a peddlar of the Banyans cast (in Sanskrit banik means merchant) from Pendjab, 6-7. Assamaise mountaineers, 8. Mitai, or bakery merchant, dressed in simple angarkah, a short shirt with exposed chest, his basket is elegantly made. 9. Carpenter-joiner, wears, as most of the craftsman a shirt called courtah, which is either short or long. The artisan in the picture wears a light dress called langouti and an ample turban, 10. Barber and his client, 11. Cashmere chisel worker. The people of Cashmere have a long tradition of producing beautiful works of art. According to Bernier, they are more skillful then the other inhabitants of India."