This lithographed line drawing accompanied the 'Kulliyat-e Ghalib' published in 1863 by Naval Kishor Press. If you read Urdu, here is *more information* about the various extant pictures of Ghalib.

Source: Russell and Islam, 'Ghalib: Life and Letters, Volume I, 1797-1869' (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1969), frontispiece. Scan by FWP. The caption below the picture is by Russell and Islam.

A portrait of Ghalib that was found by the British among Bahadur Shah's possessions after the Rebellion; it has been dated to 1856. Click on the image for a very large scan. It is apparently a copy of *this original*, which is now in the Red Fort Museum

Source: These scans were generously supplied by Satyanarayana Hegde of Mumbai, from his personal collection of Ghalibiana, 2010-11.

A print of what was apparently the only photo taken of Ghalib, in 1868; *with an accompanying photo of Taftah from the same collection*

Source: The photo belonged to Mrs. Santosh Mathur, great-granddaughter of Babu Shiv Narain, who was a friend of Ghalib's; it is now in a private collection in Allahabad. The scan is provided here through the courtesy of Alok Rai and Rajul Mathur, and through the good offices of Francesca Orsini, Jan. 2010.

Ghalib as depicted by Chughtai, in the 'Ghalib Number' of Nuqush (1969); click on the image for a very large scan.

Source: With thanks to Tahira Naqvi, August 2020.

Ghalib as imagined by the modern Pakistani artist and calligrapher Sadiqain, in a commemorative calendar issued in 1969; click on the image for a very large scan

Source: scanned by FWP, June 2009

Ghalib as imagined by M. F. Husain; click on the image for a very large scan

Source: Provided courtesy of Karen Zitzowitz, 2005

What if Ghalib appeared as a patron of Pakistan? An imagination by Murad Khan, 2010

Source: Courtesy of the artist, Mar. 2010

Commemorative stamp, Pakistan, 2019

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