*Durga Puja, a watercolor by Sevak Ram, c.1809* (BL)

*"A Lady at a Shrine," a watercolor, Kishangarh style, 1800's* (FAMSF)

"A lady worships at a Shiva shrine," from a series of Company School watercolors, Patna, 1824

Source: ebay, Mar. 2013

"The Cosmic Ocean Reveals Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva," a Mandi-style miniature, c.1835

Source: http://cgi.www.sandiegomuseum.org/cgi-bin/www.sandiegomuseum.org/image.pl?mode=&painting=20943&axis=983839175
(downloaded July 2001)

"The Cosmic Ocean Reveals Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Style of Sajnu. Around 1835, North India, Panjab Hills, Mandi. Opaque watercolor and gold on paper. Edwin Binney 3rd Collection."

Vishnu reclining on the cosmic serpent Shesha, with Brahma emerging from his navel, early 1800's

Source: http://www.si.umich.edu/Art_History/demoarea/details/1985_1.132.html
(downloaded July 2001)

"Vishnu on Ananta, ca. early 19th century. Manuscript painting. The University of Michigan Museum of Art. Accession No.: 1985/1.132. Gift of Walter M. Spink."

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