*"Camp at Hela (Punjab) during second Sikh War. 20 December 1848," by Sir Henry Yule* (BL)

*"Siege of Multan, 1849: the houdah of Moolraj's elephant struck by a cannon ball"; with later hand coloring*

Source: ebay, Feb. 2007

*Charge of the 3rd King's Own Light Dragoons at the Battle of Chillianwallah, January 13th 1849, by John Harris, 1849* (BL)

*"Goojerat [town in Punjab]" by Lt. William L. D. Smith, 1849 (a battlefield of the war)* (BL)

*Battle of Chillianwalah. Coloured lithograph. Dickinson & Co., c.1850* (BL)

*"Monument lately erected upon the battle-field of Chillianwallah," from the Illustrated London News, 1853*

Source: ebay, Oct. 2006

*"Mooltan [Multan]. Vans Agnew Monument," a photo from the 1860's* (BL); the murder of these two officers had set off the war [*Vans Agnew, 1860's*]

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