The photographer comments: "One of the most exquisite buildings in the old city of Lahore, near Mori Gate: this is now the Victoria Girls High School but was the Haveli of Nau Nihal Singh, built by Ranjit Singh in 1838 to celebrate his grandson's marriage"; by the same photographer: *an exterior view*; *an interior view*

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*"The Maha-raja Shere Singh," by Emily Eden, 1844* (BL)

*"Chir Singh maharaja des Siks roi du Punjab avec sa suite (Lahore, Avril 1842)," by Prince Aleksandr Mikhailovich Saltuikov, 1848* (BL);
also: *"Chir Sing roi du Panjab et sa suite allant à la chasse aux environs de Lahore. Mars 1842"* [*Saltuikov 1842b*]
also: *"Une rue de Lahore (Mars 1842)"* [*Saltuikov 1842c*]
also: *"Voyage en poste dans les plaines du Punjab, entre Loodiana et Omritsar. Fevrier 1842"* [*Saltuikov 1842d*]

"Rajah Suchett Sing--(Malek Adel)," Illustrated London News, 1845 (youngest brother of Gulab Singh, murdered c.1842)

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*"Purtaub Singh" [son of Sher Singh, murdered with his father in 1843], by Emily Eden, 1844* (BL)

The photographer says, "Tombs of the second wife of Ranjit Singh (the mother of Sher Singh), the wife of Sher Singh, and the wife of Nau Nihal Singh. Now in the grounds of the Govt Islamia College, Lahore."

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