*Woman bathing. A lady of rank is seated on steps leading to a river; her hair is being dried by an old lady. A watercolor in the Lucknow style, c.1800* (BL)

Women fetching water, Patna, 1824; from a series of Company School watercolors

Source: ebay, Mar. 2013

"A Hindu Female," by William Daniell; Philadelphia, 1836

Source: ebay, Apr. 2009

*"Native woman, upper India," Illustrated London News, 1858*

Source: ebay, Sept. 2009

*"Female Water Fetcher," an early postcard photo*

Source: ebay, Feb. 2007

"The Village Well," from the Illustrated London News, 1874; *a large scan of the whole engraving*; and very large scans of *the left half* and *the right half*; this was a reproduction of a *chromolithograph by William Simpson, 1867* (BL)

Source: ebay, Oct. 2008

"Bathing in the holy river Ganges, Benares," an albumen photo, c.1870-80

Source: ebay, Oct. 2006

*Two women carrying water in pots, the Ganges beyond; a watercolor by Bani Lal, c.1880* (BL); *Bani Lal 1880*

Women fetching water, a photo, c. late 1800's

Source: ebay, Jan. 2007

*"Bheel women carrying water, Kathiawar," an albumen print, c.1880's*

Source: ebay, Nov. 2007

*"Along the Ghats," by Edwin Lord Weeks, from Harper's New Monthly Magazine, 1890*

Source: ebay, Aug. 2001

*A woman equipped for drawing water, in an albumen photo, Portuguese India (Panjim?), c.1895*

Source: ebay, Mar. 2009

*"Village well" somewhere in northern India; a photo from c.1900*

Source: ebay, Mar. 2010

"Saburmatee River, Ahmedabad"-- women washing clothes, late 1800's or early 1900's

Source: ebay, Nov. 2006

*"Water carriers, Madurai," a gelatin photo, 1904*; *a closer view*

Source: ebay, Jan. 2008

"Calcutta, Hindu women bathing," a postcard, early 1900's

Source: ebay, Feb. 2007

"Family work, Jumna River, Agra," a photo c. early 1900's

Source: ebay, Apr. 2007

*"Water carriers, Agra," c.1912*; also *"Water carriers, Bombay," early 1900's*

Source: ebay, Nov. 2007

In this idealized bazaar art print (early 1900's) illustrating the Raga Sorath, the idealized male figure is dressed for westernized office work (with glasses, shoes, cane); the idealized female figure, dressed entirely traditionally, is drawing water

Source: ebay, June 2009

"Baby's Bath," a silver print by H. Ferger, 1929

Source: ebay, Feb. 2009

*"A Rodiya woman carrying water, Ceylon," a postcard photo from the early 1930's*

Source: ebay, Apr. 2009

"On the way to the well," a photo from c.1935

Source: ebay, Dec. 2008

*"Village well, India," a photo from c. 1950's*

Source: ebay, June 2007

*Five beaded pot-supports for the head, collected in Rajasthan in the 1950's*

Source: ebay, Oct. 2009

*A design from an embroidered sari*

Source: ebay, May 2014

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