Some evocative drawings and paintings

Some views from the Illustrated London News
A series of impressionistic watercolor prints attributed to Lady Lawley, 1914
Views of women from different regions and groups, by Rao Bahadur M. V. Dhurandhar, 1928
Woodblock prints by Charles Bartlett, early 1930's (?)
And who had an eye like Steinberg's (c.1945)?
Two paintings of "motifs of India" by the Ukrainian artist Andrei Potapenko, c.1953
Some early travel posters; there are plenty of other *fantasy views* as well

In Bengal, the lively school of "Kalighat" folk art has continued to produce delightful views, especially of sexual politics
Warli folk art is nowadays being "updated"
A few visions of women, in modern art and folk art

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