Adabi Duniya (Literary World),  "India's Premier Magazine" (Nauroz namber, 1932)

Source: http://www.lib.uchicago.edu/e/su/southasia/ad-tp2.gif
(downloaded Oct. 1999)

"Approved by the Hindustani Department of Education,
A Monthly Magazine of Ancient and Modern Eastern and Western Literature,

ADABI DUNIYA (Literary World).

[Below the title and just above the two globe-halves:] The Urdu language has already arrived, with Hindustanis, in the below-indicated countries on the map.

India's Premier Magazine.

Nauroz Number.

Director, Honorable Justice Sir `Abd ul-Qadir; Editor, Tajvar Najibabadi.

Annual subscription price: five rupees....A single copy: six and a half annas. Price in foreign countries: eleven shillings."

--trans. by FWP

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