A hamd in praise of the Prophet, calligraphed by Raja Durga Prasad "Nadir," 1915

Source: ebay, Apr. 2002

"I am offering this lovely and one of its kind manuscript in persian for sale from my personal collection: This Manuscript is in Author's own fine handwriting. Raja Durga Parshad was First Class Magisterate & Tauleqedar in District Sandela,Uttar Pardesh (U.P) in India. He was an avid Calligrapher, Author, Lawyer, Poet, Historian and a man of many varied interests.The rare thing about this four mini page manuscript which is an ORIGINAL "HAMD" Prayer is that firstly it is in beautiful Ta'aliq script in farsi (Persian) and more importantly the verses are in the praise of ALLAH.... The Name of Allah(GOD) appears in RED ink and every time the author has used a different name for the Creator like YA Rab, Illahi, Khuda ya, Khaliq, Khuda vand..... This manuscript is signed by the Author/Calligrapher and is dated October 23,1915 (Again this is unusual to be dated in Persian manuscript in Georgian Calender instead of Al Hijri).

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