Jinnah announces the creation of Pakistan over All India Radio, June 3, 1947

Source: http://paknews.com/pakhistory/quaid1.html
(downloaded May 2004)

Police in Delhi conduct arms searches, fearing anti-Partition violence by the Muslim "Khaksars"; a news photo, June 10, 1947; *the original caption*

Source: ebay, June 2010

Prime Minister Nehru being sworn in by Lord Mountbatten, August 15, 1947

Source: http://www.hindu.com/th125/gallery/thim003.htm
(downloaded July 2004)

August 15, 1947; Nehru speaks to his new nation

Source: http://www.cdsl.qc.ca/vie_scolaire/pd/HISTOIRE/WEB_histoire/Pr5_travaux_eleves/Groupe3/1941_1950/1941_1950/HISTOIRE/politique.htm
(downloaded May 2004)

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