A few evocative photographs...

A set of colonial views from "The King's Empire," London, 1906
Bastar work-- traditional tribal bronze art from Madhya Pradesh
Jackie Kennedy receiving a tilak, and Allen Ginsberg shaking hands with a monkey, and other American interactions
Victoria Terminus today-- or rather, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, located no longer in Bombay but in Mumbai: *more views*
A spectacular Pakistani bus
The Shahi Masjid, Chitral, Pakistan
Delhi street scenes
"Order to Go," Pushkar, Rajasthan
The "Lotus Temple" in New Delhi that is the world headquarters of the Bahai faith
The Birla family have sponsored temples in many major cities
A temple at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, in Rajasthan, that is clearly modelled on Khajuraho
There's a trend toward building giant images of deities, especially Hanuman
Some work by notable modern photographers
Murugan's wedding, an idealized depiction of perfect cosmic order
The four "char dham" mountain pilgrimage sites in Uttaranchal attract more and more visitors
The Red Fort, like other monuments, now belongs to everybody
Flocks of pigeons sweep through the Jama Masjid
Fishing nets at Cochin, raised and lowered with the tides

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