SANCHI (100's BCE onward)
Section 6, top margin C, right margin d; north-northeast of Bhopal
The Great Stupa at Sanchi, in modern Madhya Pradesh-- one of the glories of South Asian Buddhist architecture
Sanchi in the eyes of the engraver E. Therond
The North Gate (torana) of the Great Stupa
The West Gate at first glance looks more austere
The East Gate with its inimitable yakshi
The South Gate too, though now ruined, was elaborately carved
At Sanchi there are extremely Ashokan-looking lions and elephants and other animal capitals, and even some Persian-looking winged bulls
Amorous couples and elephant riders: the richness of Sanchi
A look at the remains of the monks' quarters; the monastery dates from the 7th century or later
Sanchi forms an irresistible backdrop to exotic Indian scenes and later re-imaginings
A search for "sanchi" will produce many early photographs

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