Ravana in the midst of the battle: wall painting, Orchha, palace of Bir Singh Dev (d.1627), early 17th c.

Source: http://www.bergerfoundation.ch/wat4/museum1?museum=Orc&cd=7256-3181-0691:7256-3181-0979&country=Inde&col=pays
[Orchha, set 1 (of 2), page 2, image 1]
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Rama and Lakshman in direct combat with Ravana (Kashmir school, late 18th c.): *ZOOM capabilities*

Source: http://search.famsf.org/4d.acgi$Record?7959&=list&=1&=ramayana&=And&=6&=0&=keywords&=Yes&=&=&=&=Yes&=&=f
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"Rama and His Brother, Lakshman, Accompanied by Hanuman, Shooting the Demon Ravana, a page from an unidentified manuscript of the Ramayana, late 18th century. Opaque watercolor and gold on burnished Indian paper. 189 x 165 mm."

Bazaar art print, c.1910's

Source: ebay, Jan. 2008

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