Buddhist paintings from the important silk-road temples of Dun Huang: *more information: International Dunhuang Project*

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"SIR MARC AUREL STEIN (1862-1943). The Thousand Buddhas. Ancient Buddhist Paintings from the Cave-Temples of Tun-Huang on the Western Frontier of China Recovered and Described by Aurel Stein ... with an Introductory Essay by Laurence Binyon. London: Oxford University Press for Bernard Quaritch, 1921. 2 volumes, text: large 4° (398 x 305mm); atlas: 2° (635 x 515mm). Text: title with uncoloured vignette and bound letterpress, pencilled notes in Stein's hand on pp. 11 and 48, and 15 loose plates (11 coloured) numbered XXXIV-XLVIII. 'The paintings and drawings here reproduced are a selection from the mass of precious material discovered by Sir Aurel Stein, and brought away by him from "The Caves of the Thousand Buddhas" at Tun-huang' (p.1). The cache of drawings and paintings were found amongst a horde discovered during the restoration of one of the larger shrines and Stein induced the Daoist monk in charge of the project to let him have a large selection of scrolls, some of which are described and illustrated here."

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