"Row of animals in red ochre"; *CLICK HERE for access to the whole set of images, and be patient, it's often slow to load*

Source: http://www.ignca.nic.in/asp/all.asp?projectid=rock
(downloaded July 2001)

"Row of animals outlined in red ochre colour and filled with crisscross lines. Location - Ram Chajja, District Raisen, M. P."

Below are two more images (out of many) from the IGNCA rock-art gallery:

"Engraved hunting scene"

"Engraved hunting scene on a stone slab with two identical suns and dog.  Neolithic Period. Location - Burzahom, District Srinagar, J & K."

"Composition in white colour"

"Composition in white colour showing a bull, four monkeys and a deer(?); perhaps Chalcolithic Period. Location - Jhiri, District Raisen, M.P."

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