"Buddha with Naga-Kalika," c. 100's CE, a Gandharan sculpture now in the National Museum, Delhi

also: *A standing Gandharan Buddha*;
also: *The Buddha's conversion of Jatilas *
also: *The head of a Bodhisattva*

Source: http://www.shunya.net/Pictures/NorthIndia/Delhi/Museum/NationalMuseum.htm
(downloaded May 2006)

A teaching Buddha from Gandhara, c.100's-200's

Source: http://www.gandhara.com.au/gandhara_showcase6.html
(downloaded Oct. 2006)

"A very rare Teaching Buddha, 21.6" or 55cm tall, grey Schist stone with some soil encrustation, 2-3rd century, Gandharan region, North West India. What is unusual about this piece is the very high pedestal between a beaded cushion and the lotus flower. The pedestal is flanked by a pair of guardian lions and fronted with drapes."

From the 200's-300's: a schist head of the Buddha

Source: http://www.gandhara.com.au/gandhara_showcase7.html
(downloaded Oct. 2006)

"Large schist head of Buddha. 3rd-4th Century AD. A large example of a Gandharan schist Bodhisattva head, this piece measures 10.5", His hair tied up in a bow shope top knot, the thick curles of his coniffure are especially interesting, with arched eyebrows, heavy lidded eyes, aquiline nose, and moustache."

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