A seal depicting a "yogi"?

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/28433765@N07/3231796696/
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A "three-faced yogi" seal from Moenjo-daro-- but the other two faces (?)  are unclear, and he seems to have branch-like "floating" arms, no hands, horns and a tree on his head, and a phallus apparently consisting of double sprouting branches

Source: http://www.harappa.com/indus/33.html
(downloaded Sept. 2006)

"Square seal depicting a nude male deity with three faces, seated in yogic position on a throne, wearing bangles on both arms and an elaborate headdress. Five symbols of the Indus script appear on either side of the headdress which is made of two outward projecting buffalo style curved horns, with two upward projecting points. A single branch with three pipal leaves rises from the middle of the headdress.

Seven bangles are depicted on the left arm and six on the right, with the hands resting on the knees. The heels are pressed together under the groin and the feet project beyond the edge of the throne. The feet of the throne are carved with the hoof of a bovine as is seen on the bull and unicorn seals. The seal may not have been fired, but the stone is very hard. A grooved and perforated boss is present on the back of the seal.

Material: tan steatite
Dimensions: 2.65 x 2.7 cm, 0.83 to 0.86 thickness
Mohenjo-daro, DK 12050
Islamabad Museum, NMP 50.296
Mackay 1938: 335, pl. LXXXVII, 222."

Close views of the branch-like hands that don't touch the legs; see also the *"proto-Shiva" seal*

Source: http://www.safarmer.com/Indo-Eurasian/M304Ahand.knee.jpg
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A similar figure from another, broken seal

Source: http://www.safarmer.com/Indo-Eurasian/Parp.185.jpg
(downloaded June 2007)

The red arrows point to a standing figure who also seems to have tree branches for arms (flanked by two figures who are carrying tree branches in their arms)

Source: http://www.safarmer.com/Indo-Eurasian/M478.2.jpg
(downloaded July 2007)

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