Selected materials to accompany
Sources of Indian Tradition
(Columbia University Press)
*VOLUME ONE* (1988 ed.)
*VOLUME TWO* (2014 ed.) 
We're preparing a revised edition of this classic text. Please bear with us while we gradually pull it all together. The new Vol. 2 is now out, but the new Vol. 1 will take a bit longer. 
*Overviews* == South Asia writ large


*Chapter 1* == Cosmic and Ritual Order in Vedic Literature
*Chapter 2* == The Ultimate Reality in the Upanishads
*Chapter 3* == The Basic Doctrines of Jainism
*Chapter 4* == Jain Philosophy and Political Thought
*Chapter 5* == Theravada Buddhism
*Chapter 6* == Mahayana Buddhism: "The Greater Vehicle"
*Chapter 7* == The Vehicle of the Thunderbolt and the Decline of Buddhism in India
*Chapter 8* == Dharma: The First End of Man
*Chapter 9* == Artha: The Second End of Man
*Chapter 10* == Kama: The Third End of Man
*Chapter 11* == Moksha: The Fourth End of Man
*Chapter 12* == The Songs of Medieval Hindu Devotion
*Chapter 13* == The Foundations of Islam in India
*Chapter 14* == The Muslim Ruler in India
*Chapter 15* == Islamic Mysticism in India
*Chapter 16* == Sikhism: Faith and Practice

VOLUME TWO (2014 ed.)

*Chapter 1* == The Eighteenth Century: Ferment and Change
*Chapter 2* == The Early to Mid Nineteenth Century: Debates over Reform and Challenge to Empire
*Chapter 3* == The Later Nineteenth Century: Leaders of Reform and Revival
*Chapter 4* == Liberal Social and Political Thought in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries: The Moderates
*Chapter 5* == Radical Politics and Cultural Criticism, 1880-1914: The Extremists
*Chapter 6* == Mahatma Gandhi and Responses
*Chapter 7* == To Independence and Partition
*Chapter 8* == Issues in Post-Independence India
*Chapter 9* == Pakistan, 1947 and After: The Struggle for National Identity
*Chapter 10* == Bangladesh: Independence and Controversies Over the Fruits of Freedom

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