Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan's
History of the *Bijnor* Rebellion (1858)

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate


May God grant me his guidance so that this history may be full and accurate. One-sidedness in historical writing is such a dishonest action that its effect remains forever, so that the burden of the sin rests on the writer's neck until the Day of Judgement. Much that appears in this history was either seen by me personally or done by me personally. The balance was written after thorough investigation and is completely true and accurate.

The greatest blessing of our history lies in the fact that the covenanted officers and Christian people of our District -- men, women, and children -­ remained safe. When it was proper for them to leave, all the Christian people were able to leave for a place of safety with complete honor. This was the result both of the excellent plan of Mr. Alexander Shakespeare Sahib Bahadur, and of his constancy of purpose and goodness of heart.

Before I describe the events which took place in Bijnor, it seems proper that I should give here the names of the covenanted and uncovenanted officers and staff who were posted in Bijnor during May 1857 and had a share in the administration of the district:

(I) Covenanted Officers

1. Mr. Alexander Shakespeare Sahib Bahadur, Collector and District Magistrate; with his wife and father (may God bless them)
2. Mr. George Palmer Sahib Bahadur, Joint Magistrate (may God keep his fortune forever)
3. Mr. John Currie Crawford Wilson Sahib Bahadur, Judge and Special Commissioner
(II) English Writers, Uncovenanted
4. Mr. Lemaistre Sahib Bahadur, Head Clerk in the Magistrate's office
5. Mr. Johnson Sahib, clerk
6. Mr. Murphy Sahib, clerk in the Prosecution Division; with his wife and four sons
7. Mr. Hewitt Sahib, not a regular employee
8. Babu Kali Charan, English writer in the Collectorate
(III) The Infirmary
9. Dr. Knight Sahib Bahadur, Civil Surgeon
10. Babu Tara Chandar Sen, Indian doctor at the infirmary
(IV) Uncovenanted Indian Officers
11. Muhammad Rahmat Allah Khan Sahib Bahadur, Deputy Collector and Deputy Magistrate and his family
12. Sayyid Ahmad Khan, Sadr Amin [sub-judge], author of this book
13. Pandit Kalka Prashad, Munsif of Nagina
14. Imdad Husain, Munsif of Dhampur, belonging to the family of Hafiz Rahmat Khan of Bareilly
(V) Tahsildars [a tahsil is a sub-district]
15. Mir Turab Ali, Tahsildar of Bijnor (was honorably reinstated to his position)
16. Sayyid Qasim Ali, Tahsildar of Chandpur (was reinstated to his position)
17. Maulvi Sayyid Qadir Ali, Tahsildar of Nagina (was reinstated to his position)
18. Sadiq Ali Khan, Tehsildar of Dhampur (absent)
19. Ahmad Allah Khan, Tahsildar of Najibabad, a nephew of Nawab Mahmud Khan (a rebel)
(VI) Agents
20. Mir Murad Ali, Agent in Bijnor (a rebel)
21. Sa'd Allah Khan Pathan, Agent in Chandpur (of Basi Kotla) (a rebel)
22. Mir Shahamat Ali, Agent in Nagina (was discharged from his job because of his unauthorized absence).
23. Karim Allah Khan, Agent in Dhampur, related to Nawab Mahmud Khan (a rebel)
24. Manu Lal, Agent in Najibabad (reinstated)
(VII) Employees of the Treasury
25. Banke Ray, Treasurer, son of Lala Mathra Das (reinstated)
26. Bishan Lal, Orderly (reinstated)
27. Sada Sukh, Orderly (reinstated)
28. Bihari Lal, Orderly (reinstated)
29. Bakhshi Ram, Custodian of the Tahsil Bijnor (remained loyal and was reinstated)
30. Gulzar Lal, Custodian, Tahsil Chandpur (reinstated)
31. Mangal Sen, Custodian, Tahsil Dhampur (reinstated)
32. Shub Lal, Custodian, Tahsil Najibabad (reinstated)
33. Sa'd Hammal, Custodian, Tahsil Nagina (reinstated)
(VIII) Employees at the Collectorate
34. Mir Imam Bakhsh, Reader (imprisoned for life)
35. Mazhar Allah, Assistant Reader (reinstated)
36. Durga Parshad, Office Guard (became Reader in the Collectorate)
37. Bihari Lal, Recorder (reinstated)
38. Muhammad Ali, Road Agent (reinstated)
(IX) Employees of the Prosecution Division
39. Munshi Amar Singh, Recorder (reinstated)
40. Lala Harsukh, Assistant Recorder (reinstated)
41. Bansi Dhar, Office Guard (reinstated)
42. Pandit Shambu Nath, Superintendent (reinstated)
(X) Police Inspectors
43. Hasan Raza Khan, Inspector of Bijnor (was absent)
44. Gulab Singh, Inspector of Chandpur (reinstated)
45. Budh Singh, Inspector of Dhampur (reinstated)
46. Sardar Singh, Kotwal of Najibabad (reinstated)
47. Latafat Ali, Inspector of Mandawar (reinstated)
48. Ratan Singh, Acting Inspector of Nangal (absent)
49. Ganga Parshad, Inspector of Budhpur (was reinstated to his position in Sewhara)
50. Muhammad Husain, Inspector of Afzal Garh (was reinstated to his position in Nagina)
51. Prabhu Lal, Inspector of Sewhara (was reinstated to his position in Afzal Garh)
52. Munir ud-Din, Acting Inspector of Nagina (was discharged)
(XI) Jamadars, Class I
53. Bhola Nath, Jamadar of Nurpur (reinstated)
54. Lutf Ali, Jamadar of Kot Qadir (absent)
55. Chheda Lal, Jamadar of Kiratpur (discharged)
56. Abullah Khan, Jamadar of Chandi (was executed)
57. Rahat Naqi, Jamadar of Nahtor (under indictment)
(XII) Jail
58. Mohan Lal, Darogha (reinstated)
59. Ram Sarup, Jamadar (a rebel)
(XIII) Education Department
60. Pandit Radha Kishan, Deputy Inspector of Schools (was promoted to the position of Tahsildar, Dhampur)
61. Ahsan Ali, Sub-Deputy Inspector of Tahsils Bijnor and Chandpur (reinstated)
62. Rahim Allah, Sub-Deputy Inspector of Tahsils Nagina and Dhampur (under investigation)
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